Lendermarket: 1% bonus on investments within 60 days

Lendermarket bonus

The Lendermarket platform offers new investors a bonus on all investments made within 60 days after registration. Upon registration, verification and subsequent investment, the investor will receive an extra 1% cashback on top of the investment, which is calculated after 60 days. There is no need to enter a promo code to receive this cashback bonus, just register through the unique link below. In the case of other campaigns running at the same time, the bonuses are usually cumulative.

By registering you also support the further development of this project and the P2P forum community.

Bonus amount and crediting methodology

Lendermarket is a P2P investment platform that connects investors with loans provided by their partner Creditstar Group. The latter is one of Europe’s leading digital consumer finance companies. Individuals and businesses from the European Economic Area (or Switzerland) can invest on Lendermarket and earn up to 15% annual returns. All loans on Lendermarket come with a buyback guarantee.

The investor will receive a bonus of 1% of the net funds deposited during the first 60 days after successful account opening. The bonus amount is credited to the investor no later than 5 business days after the 60-day period.

Bonus calculation example:

The investor held investments of EUR 20,000 as of the 60th day after the conclusion of the user account agreement – the referred investor is thus entitled to a bonus of EUR 200 (i.e. 1% of the volume of investments held as of the 60th day after the conclusion of the agreement). This will be credited directly to the investor’s investor account and the transaction can be found under “Campaign rewards and Bonuses”.

About Lendermarket



  • Ranging from 14% – 16%, Creditstar’s interest rates are always the highest offered on P2P platforms.
  • Lendermarket often prepares accompanying marketing promotions (e.g. +2% on new deposits within a certain period, IPhone competition)
  • Investors can invest from as little as €10. This offers them the opportunity to use the platform to diversify their P2P portfolio across multiple portals.
  • Investment management is simple, setup is quick and there are no surprises in terms of complexities on the platform.


  • In periods prior to the issuance of new bonds by Creditstar Group, loan repayments are often delayed or extended. Investors therefore cannot rely on the stated maturity dates but need to take into account potential delays.
  • Opportunities are only offered on the platform from Creditstar. It is therefore not possible to diversify a higher amount within the Lendermarket.
  • The platform still has some catching up to do in terms of communication with investors. However, this has improved recently, not only thanks to the launch of Lendermarket’s own blog.
  • The platform does not have a secondary market, which complicates any eventual need to quickly withdraw investments.

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