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Only a few thoughts have fascinated us to such an extent as P2P lending, crowdfunding and fintech. We have put a lot of time and effort into these concepts. Whether it is the active use of a whole range of products, writing, interviews, blogging or managing one of the largest communities on these topics in the Czech Republic.

We believe that these concepts have an interesting future ahead of them. At the same time, however, we are realistic and we know that a bright future will not be possible without solving problems and overcoming obstacles. And maybe we could help too.

With this project we want to solve several P2P lending problems that have been bothering us for a long time.

An increasing number of biased reviews and texts. Reviewers often pursue their own interest at the expense of their audience, and their primary concern is to earn a commission on the investment made.

Platforms contribute to the non-transparency of the environment through their own marketing. They often look different on the outside than they work on the inside. It may often be easier for them to “buy” investors through affiliate schemes than to address crisis communication and the satisfaction of existing investors.
The whole environment is extremely confusing. Whether it is new offers or other information. Complex traceability of some facts. The whole segment is developing rapidly. There are many new projects and entry barriers for users/investors increase due to decision paralysis.

We would like the P2P investor community to be more powerfull. To be able to influence the events of this environment more. At the same time, we would like new investors to have more independent information at their disposal. To offer them a tool which can help to make better decisions.

Our vision is the whole environment to be shaped for the better. To make this portal useful to investors. And to help the projects that deserve it.

Lukas and Zbynek

About P2Ptrh project

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