Peerberry: 0.5% interest bonus for investments up to 90 days

Peerberry úvodka

The Peerberry platform offers new investors a +0.5% bonus on the interest rate of all loans purchased within 90 days of registration. You do not need to enter a promo code to receive the bonus, just register via the unique link below. Investors can invest in any product from any lender.

PeerBerry is a peer-to-peer marketplace that offers the opportunity to invest in non-bank loans from lenders across Europe. The portfolio of loans offered consists mainly of consumer loans issued by the Aventus Group and its subsidiaries. Aventus Group, which has been profitable since its first year of operation in Lithuania (2009), is also active in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

By registering you also support the further development of this project and the P2P forum community.

Bonus amount and crediting methodology

Bonus calculation example:

Within 90 days of registration, the investor purchases a loan with an interest rate of 12% per annum maturing in 6 months. However, by taking advantage of the bonus, he will be credited with a rate of 12.5%. You can easily check that this is indeed the case in the “My investments” tab, where you should already see a half a percent higher yield for the respective loan in the “Interest rate” column.

About Peerberry



  • A growing platform seeking to obtain an IBF (Investment Brokerage Firm) license.
  • Peerberry seeks to actively communicate towards investors. Recently, it has focused a lot on transparency and maximum information provided (e.g. regular reports on the performance of each provider).
  • You can invest from as little as EUR 10.
  • The Aventus group, which offers the most loans on the platform, has a stable track record and ends up financially in the black numbers.
  • The interface and operation of the platform is simple, with a handy mobile app for quick overview.
  • The platform easily withstood COVID-19, without a single provider default.


  • Due to higher investor demand, there is sometimes a “fight” over high-interest loans – AI usually does not have time to react at all.
  • Most of the loans and lenders on offer fall under the Aventus Group – outside of this group there are weaker diversification options.
  • Yields are slightly lower than other platforms.
  • Lack of secondary market – impossibility to sell longer term loans early.

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