EvoEstate: bonus +0.5% on investments within 180 days

The EvoEstate platform offers new investors a bonus on all investments made within 6 months. Upon registration, verification and subsequent investment, the investor receives an extra 0.5% on top of the investment, which is calculated only on investments made every 30 days. The bonus can only be received once on each deposit. There is no need to enter a promo code to receive the bonus, just register through the unique link below.

By registering you also support the further development of this project and the P2P forum community.

Bonus amount and crediting methodology

The terms of the EvoEstate programme are described in this article.

About EvoEstate



  • Aggregation of offers from multiple platforms across Europe. An interesting concept where an investor can buy participations across platforms and countries.
  • EvoEstate adds its own rating to the offers for the platform and each offer.
  • Unified secondary market and AI. Offers can be sold to other investors even if the target platform does not have a secondary market.
  • Single tax return for all platforms, less work.
  • Platform has skin in the game at every opportunity. Those where the SITG is higher are marked with a special label.
  • Offers selected through Auto Invest can be cancelled for free within 24 hours. The investor has the final say. Overall, very pro-investor rules.
  • Average historical return of 11.02% p.a.
  • In the secondary market, not only participations can be placed to sell, but also orders to buy.


  • A small platform (at the time of writing) of 5400 investors. Higher risk of change. Untested concept.
  • 2% fee when selling participation on the secondary market.
  • Not all opportunities from target platforms come in, platform makes its own selection.
  • Difficulty to navigate across offers and markets. The need to study each portal separately anyway and rely on your own research and conclusions.

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