+0,5% bonus on investments within 30 days

Robocash bonus

The platform offers new investors a bonus on all investments made within 30 days from registration. Upon registration, verification and subsequent investment, the investor receives an extra +0,5% cashback on top of the investment, which is calculated after 30 days. However, the maximum amount of cashback is limited to EUR 10,-. There is no need to enter a promo code to receive this cashback bonus, just register through the unique link below. In the case of other concurrent promotions, the bonuses are usually cumulative.

By registering you also support the further development of this project and the P2P forum community.

Bonus amount and crediting methodology

Getting the bonus is done in three simple steps.

  1. First, the new investor registers through the unique link above.
  2. Once registration is complete, the new investor will have 30 days to send a deposit to Robocash, set up auto-invest and invest the funds.
  3. On the 31st day after registration, the investor will then receive a +0,5% cashback bonus on his Robocash account on the funds invested in the past 30 days.

You can also use the dedicated page to calculate the bonus amount.




  • A fully automated platform without the need for any manual intervention. Everything works on the principle of deposit money and don’t worry about it anymore.
  • Excellent results of group, which is significantly profitable.
  • Investors can invest from as little as €10. This offers them the opportunity to use the platform to spread their P2P portfolio across multiple portals.
  • Interest is paid from investment to repayment – no grace period, no pending payments.
  • Regular communication and reporting of results.


  • Some may not be comfortable with the absence of manual investment options.
  • There is only minimal information about the loans, less than on other platforms.
  • Robocash Bank does not cooperate with some European banks, in which case the investor’s deposit is rejected and sent back to his account.

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