P2Preport: 4Q2021 – detailed analysis of our P2P investments portfolio

It was already looking like a smooth ride throughout whole 2021. Unfortunately, a few days before Christmas, the problems of Turkish provider Wowwo on Mintos escalated. What the loss will be cannot be estimated yet, but it is sure now 2021 will not be passed with flying colours. That’s also why I’m glad that I[…]

P2Preport: 3Q2021 – detailed analysis of our P2P portfolio over the past quarter

Another quarter behind us and I am happy to say that I managed to avoid problems with loan originators defaults or even entire platforms within my P2P portfolio. The summer months for me were all about maximizing my time outdoors. This favours platforms where I haven’t had to spend much time on administration, but auto-investment[…]

Peerberry: review of the growing P2P alternative investment platform

Peerberry has grown from an inconspicuous offshoot of Mintos founded by one non-bank lender to become the second largest P2P marketplace in continental Europe. What’s behind this and is it worth investing on the platform? Peerberry was founded in 2017 by Aventus Group, which was previously one of the providers on Mintos and decided to[…]

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