P2Preport: 2Q2022 – detailed analysis of our P2P investments portfolio

Half of 2022 is behind us, so this time without any longer introductions, let’s take a look at the summary of my P2P investments over the last 3 months. Mintos By the end of June, the last of the loans offered were withdrawn and from July it is only possible to invest in Notes. Mintos[…]

P2Preport: 1Q2022 – detailed analysis of our P2P investments portfolio

The New Year – despite all the wishes and covid’s releases – has not started happily at all and there can be no thought of any worry-free investing. The Kazakh riots in January were a small prelude. There, however, there was a very quick intervention by Russian troops and an almost immediate calming of the[…]

P2Preport: 4Q2021 – detailed analysis of our P2P investments portfolio

It was already looking like a smooth ride throughout whole 2021. Unfortunately, a few days before Christmas, the problems of Turkish provider Wowwo on Mintos escalated. What the loss will be cannot be estimated yet, but it is sure now 2021 will not be passed with flying colours. That’s also why I’m glad that I[…]

Esketit: review of the P2P investment platform with Creamfinance loans

Esketit is a newly launched P2P platform from the owners of established consumer lender Creamfinance. It offers a return of up to 14% per annum and loans for investment issued, for example, in the Czech Republic. In the following review, we describe how the young platform stands up to the established competition, what impressed us[…]

Esketit: Interview with CEO Vitālijs Zalovs

P2P platforms emerging as a proprietary solution for another channel of their financing are being used by more and more non-bank lenders. One of the latest ones is Esketit. It was created for the needs of entrepreneurs Davis Barons and Matisse Ansviesulis, whose main activities include the P2P provider Cream Finance Holding Ltd. To learn[…]

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