Esketit: Interview with CEO Vitālijs Zalovs

P2P platforms emerging as a proprietary solution for another channel of their financing are being used by more and more non-bank lenders. One of the latest ones is Esketit. It was created for the needs of entrepreneurs Davis Barons and Matisse Ansviesulis, whose main activities include the P2P provider Cream Finance Holding Ltd. To learn[…]

EvoEstate: Interview with real estate investment marketplace CEO – Audrius Višniauskas

As EvoEstate has intrigued us with its unique approach of aggregating offers from a number of P2P/P2B platforms, we have decided to follow up on our recent review with more information. We reached out directly to EvoEstate’s CEO – Audrius Višniauskas – and he was happy to accommodate our request for an interview. Audrius, thank[…]

Lendermarket [interview]: Ambitious P2P platform aims to grow significantly

Lendermarket, P2P platform backed up by strong Creditstar Group, quickly gains its market share in P2P lending. We are active investors on the platform so we were excited when the opportunity to interview Omayra Roig, Lendermarket’s Head of Operations, emerged. Omayra, your position title is Business Manager, could you tell us more about yourself and[…]

Afranga: Interview with COO Yonko Chuklev

Afranga P2P lending platform launched as a bright star and gained popularity amongst investors pretty fast. We have registered and started investing there by ourselves and so far we like what we see. To widen our information about the platform, we have decided to contact its COO Yonko Chuklev with interview inquiry. He responded promptly[…]

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