Tool – Mintos lending companies comparison table

We regularly spend some time by comparing different inputs and evaluating which provider to invest at the Mintos platform. Going through the data from different sources has became quite time consuming activity and since we don’t like repetitive uneffective doings, we have created a table with the most important inputs.

The table was originally meant to serve only for our personnal use, but since we have already devoted tens of hours to its improvments and extension, it would be a shame to keep it only for ourselves. Therefore we have decided to place it here on P2Ptrh so that it can help other investors as well. The table should help investors to save some time with the research and also lead to easier identification of solid lending companies.

The table integrates ratings from ExploreP2P and a new rating from Mintos. It also contains conditions such as a group guarantee, interest income on delayed payments, the length of grace periods. For lenders who “abuse” pending payments for more than 3 days, these data were also added. However as Mintos stopped providing this information, it is not updated right now.

“Remarks” is a variable field, where we include our own experience or collected fragments, which is not suitable elsewhere.

You can click the table picture below to see it in its full size.

Tool - Mintos Lending Companies rating table

We will try to update the table at regular intervals (at least twice a month). But because we’d like to involve you investors more (since we’re trying to build a community with shared knowledge), it will be updated and shared in a table format on Google sheets only for members who are active. The best way you can contribute is to write a review/your thoughts or rate any platform mentioned on our website. Please note that you can help fellow investors by by sharing your experience. Alternatively, we will also accept any comment here below this post. After you participate, we will share the table with you at the email you provided.

At the same time, we welcome any comments on improvements, or notification in the event of inaccuracy in the table itself.

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Tool – Mintos lending companies comparison table

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